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6,049 total words to date.

2 day streak.

I like where I’m going with the story. I’m in a funk though…its killin’ my drive.

Start, Again.

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1 day streak.

At 12:27 AM last night I realized I didn’t write. I’m back now. Today was easier though at the start I was unsure where to go. Early in the day I get an idea of where I can go. Generally this happens after I spend a few days floundering. This weekend I thought of some reading my finished book and how I would keep there interest. From that angle I found a better way to start the story.


2 for 1


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29 day streak.


763 words.

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30 day streak.

Well the internet went out last night hence the dual entries above. Had a good session today. I need a support group. The last few days were uncertain. Getting lost sucks.

A Change In Scenery

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28 day streak.

Thought of a new location for the story. The story would stay the same but the environment would change. Not sure if it’s worth changing now though…or if it matters. I could change the country and then put new paint on the places. It may make sense but I’ll need to weigh it out.